Tips, Tricks and Secrets of Windows 8

windows8Windows 8, the latest version of Microsoft OS, is quite easy to use and many persons fell in love with it. New interface version and new features distinguish this OS from its predecessor: Windows 7. One of the first questions new Windows 8 users can ask is “which new things can I do with Win8?”. Here are some of the most useful.

Find and open applications in Windows 8. Locate programs or applications in Windows 8 can be somewhat confusing at first, indeed its easier than previous versions. Just need to go to the Metro interface and start typing to see a list of suggested applications. Easy, isn’t it?

Remove, move and resize mosaics on the Home Screen. Mosaics of the home screen can be modified, deleted, moved or changed in position. Just right click on an icon to visualize options on the bottom bar.

Open applications from the home screen. Windows 8 allows you to enter the name or just the first few letters of any program or application on the Home screen and open it directly.  This is limited only to programs and applications installed.

Take screen capture using keyboard. The easiest way to take screen capture is to press down Windows key, which usually has the Windows logo on the keyboard, and the PrintScreen key.  The screen will fade almost imperceptibly and an image will be saved in the Pictures folder.
Use the Windows-X menu. The menu called “Windows-X” is a small one with several shortcuts to access the most used programs in Win8. To start using this menu just press Windows key + X.