How to install non-store application in Windows 8

windowsWindows 8, the new operative system by Microsoft, has completely revolutionized the Windows world. The Eight is totally different from its predecessors: quicker, easier and beautiful. The tiles interface, even if a first glance can seem tricky, is very simple and funny.

It looks clear that Microsoft developed Windows 8 with tablet and smartphone in mind, with the goal to give a complete environment where to move into.

One of the biggest difference between Win8 and its predecessors is the Store. Microsoft developed a Windows Store which contain all the apps users can install on their PC. By default, Windows 8 allow to install only applications downloaded from the Windows Store. These applications are known as “authorized” and have gone through a review process by Microsoft team which gives its approval. That means they are safe to be installed. Should you need an app which is not in the store (be cautious!) you can follow those steps:

  • search for “Run” from the start screen
  • on the window type in “gpedit.msc”, then click OK
  • go on Local Group Policy Editor and, from the main screen, go on “Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Component -> App Package Deployment”
  • enable “Allow all trusted apps to install”

That allow to install non-store apps. Two more things to check:

  • the developer must have cryptographically signed the app
  • your PC must have accepted that certificate

If both criteria are met, you can use Windows PowerShell to run this command:

add-appxpackage C:\apptoinstall.appx –DependencyPath C:\dependency.appx

apptoinstall.appx is the app to install, dependency.appx is the dependency of the app, which is included within the app itself.