Tech and stock market: why technology is crucial

Technologies have a lot of weight in stock markets: since the 1980s, the IT tools were able to multiply the number of operations and optimize their work times, and still, up-to-date software solutions allow the stock exchange a large number of shares to trade the historical moment of total financial stagnation.

There is also another aspect, not linked to risk management, which links tech and stock market, that is, the ever-growing number of technology-driven companies that decide to enter the financial markets, particularly in europe and the USA.

This is because, in general, annual budgets confirm quarterly monitoring, which highlights the growth of technology-intensive companies, even better than analysts’ projections. The international context, the fluidity of markets in constant renewal and the rapid obsolescence obviously reward businesses that more than others prove to be in keeping with the times.

Hi-tech and finance are today the best match to win the competition and make successful investments, especially in the fields of robotics, biotechnology, so-called financial technology (just think of Airbnb, Google or Facebook), but also in the fields of Engineering and mechanics, with the return on the market of leading companies who, during the absence period, focused on research.

For example, Pirelli’s IPO is expected, scheduled for the last quarter of 2017: two years later, the tire giant is ready to return to the Stock Exchange in October, thanks to the innovation and development program that has Involved the Premium and Prestige segments. In other words, it is due to the continuous technological update applied to rubber if the Bicocca historical group will be able to return to the stock market, all joint with great marketing and social media marketing campaigns.

Similar situation for Engineering, although it does not yet have a precise program for returning to financial markets: the information technology company is focusing on industrial robotics, health and energy, and with the new optics of the Stock Exchange to grow new technologies A return to Business Square has come back to be a tempting option.

Best stocks for 2017

Among the best shares to be bought in 2017, there are Pirelli ones; the company is going to return to the stock market – after two years – with the Pirelli IPO in October. The company’s latest from Milan are so many, as experts say it will be the largest IPO in 2017 in Italy and abroad (we need to keep in mind that Pirelli stocks are listed on the Milan Stock Exchange).

For more information, please read Wards Auto (Pirelli to decide on IPO terms based on prospectus) and Financial Times (FT, Pirelli tyres will race to market with new hands at the wheel)