What is Time Machine, how to backup data and how to recover them

Time-MachineOne of the features that distinguishes OSx from other operative system is the presence of a superb system backup, easy and pleasant to use. Let’s see how this works in detail and how to use it.

First of all: what is a backup? A backup is a way to save your precious data from unexpected loss. You can feel safe but never say never so a regular backup should always be performed to save against headache in the future.

The sense of backup is giving the option to bring back the system to a previous state.

Time Machine is the easiest way to perform a backup, in just few clicks.

Main advantages of Time Machine on third part software are:

  • Time Machine is natively integrated into the operating system, which means you can enable in few seconds, without installing anything
  • It’s one of the easiest backup software out there, no joke!

The only things required for starting to immediately use Time Machine are an external hard drive large enough to contain all your data and one minute. The hard drive must be connected via USB, Firewire or Thunderbolt to the Mac. After that you can launch the backup software and decide the main options, such as how many backups to do per day and when delete old backups (after a day, a week and so on).

How to recover data from a previous backup? Super-easy. Just connect the hard drive to your new Mac and launch the Time Machine software. Follow the instructions and after a while (depending on how many files you are recovering) you’ll have you data on your new Mac.