Tricks and extensions to improve Google Chrome user experience

chromeGoogle Chrome is one of the best browsers available for surfing the web, thanks to its speed, simplicity and huge collection of extensions. Most of all we can personalize our Chrome in order to have an extra juice. Let’s have a lookm at the main tricks and extensions we can use to improve our experience with Google’s browser.

Reset Chrome. Chrome added few months ago a function to restore the browser to its original state . Quite useful if you start to have constantly crashes or have been infected by some malware.

Increase the speed of Chrome with “Too Many Tabs” extension. If you tend to open lots of tabs, Chrome can start to slow and crash. This is because Chrome treats each tab as an individual process and maintains all active. With this extension Chrome will handle tabs as Firefox does, giving priority to the active, avoiding an excessive memory consumption.

Save memory. As mentioned above, we know that each tab consumes memory and the more are open more Chrome tends to be slow. There is an extension which is almost a miracle: OneTab. It can save up to 95 % of memory. By pressing the button OneTab in the browser, all the opened collaps into a single. This allows users to visit necessary tabs where relevant, but having them all listed in one “big” tag.

Save directly to Google Drive. If you are a strong Google Drive user, this extension is the one for you. It lets you save any link, document or image directly to your cloud files in Google Drive.