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Is renting a more efficient market model ?

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the way our economy is changing. But not in a way only experts could understand, since the focus of the attention were actually our spending habits. You may have noticed a rise of a certain trend – people starting to buy less and rent more. Those who do it are convinced their way is much more efficient, but others aren’t as sure. In what follows we are going to talk about the efficiency of the rental model.

First we are going to take a look at what the old model looked like and then compare it with the new one. The old model was heavily based on ownership. It was a direct result of capitalism and the rise of the consumerist society. We produced a lot of goods and came up with ways to convince people they needed them. As a result, we all wanted to own a house packed with stuff we could use in our everyday lives, as well as occasionally, like in case we wanted to go camping, skiing or scuba diving. Practically the only things we rented were vehicles, accommodation and things we needed for bigger events like weddings.

Nowadays we have a lot more options when it comes to renting. We have Uber, a platform we can use to rent other people’s cars instead of taxis. We have Airbnb, a platform intended for renting other people’s homes instead of rooms in hotels. But we also have Rentuu, a platform that allows us to rent other people’s stuff instead of buying it. As a result, people are getting used to checking if there is anything available for rent before they even start considering purchasing the item in question.

But is this a more efficient model? So far, it seems that it works a lot better than the old one, and for two reasons. Firstly, people are spending less money on things they don’t use that often. Second, they have less stuff and are thus more flexible and relaxed. Also, the market is changing to accommodate for this business model. All in all, it seems only good things have been happening since we started renting more.

Tech and stock market: why technology is crucial

Technologies have a lot of weight in stock markets: since the 1980s, the IT tools were able to multiply the number of operations and optimize their work times, and still, up-to-date software solutions allow the stock exchange a large number of shares to trade the historical moment of total financial stagnation.

There is also another aspect, not linked to risk management, which links tech and stock market, that is, the ever-growing number of technology-driven companies that decide to enter the financial markets, particularly in europe and the USA.

This is because, in general, annual budgets confirm quarterly monitoring, which highlights the growth of technology-intensive companies, even better than analysts’ projections. The international context, the fluidity of markets in constant renewal and the rapid obsolescence obviously reward businesses that more than others prove to be in keeping with the times.

Hi-tech and finance are today the best match to win the competition and make successful investments, especially in the fields of robotics, biotechnology, so-called financial technology (just think of Airbnb, Google or Facebook), but also in the fields of Engineering and mechanics, with the return on the market of leading companies who, during the absence period, focused on research.

For example, Pirelli’s IPO is expected, scheduled for the last quarter of 2017: two years later, the tire giant is ready to return to the Stock Exchange in October, thanks to the innovation and development program that has Involved the Premium and Prestige segments. In other words, it is due to the continuous technological update applied to rubber if the Bicocca historical group will be able to return to the stock market, all joint with great marketing and social media marketing campaigns.

Similar situation for Engineering, although it does not yet have a precise program for returning to financial markets: the information technology company is focusing on industrial robotics, health and energy, and with the new optics of the Stock Exchange to grow new technologies A return to Business Square has come back to be a tempting option.

Best stocks for 2017

Among the best shares to be bought in 2017, there are Pirelli ones; the company is going to return to the stock market – after two years – with the Pirelli IPO in October. The company’s latest from Milan are so many, as experts say it will be the largest IPO in 2017 in Italy and abroad (we need to keep in mind that Pirelli stocks are listed on the Milan Stock Exchange).

For more information, please read Wards Auto (Pirelli to decide on IPO terms based on prospectus) and Financial Times (FT, Pirelli tyres will race to market with new hands at the wheel)

How to coordinate teamwork across the world

teamCoordinating a team is difficult enough, so doing it when its members are working from different parts of the world can sound nearly impossible. Fortunately for you, this is what some people already do, and we have some tips to help you do it yourself.

Think globally

In order to get things done on a smaller scale, you need to think on a larger first. It is important for you to draw yourself a picture of what needs to be done with all that separate work.

Give the members of your team a common goal

The picture you end up with will probably be the goal of your whole operation. You will need to present it to the members of your team so that they know why they are doing their jobs in the first place.

Get to know your team

Before you go any further, you will have to find out what kind of people work for you. How flexible they are, how resourceful, and whether any one of them has any quirks that might help or slow down the whole operation.

Define the roles

Taking the goal into consideration, make a list of all the jobs that need to be done. Then pair the jobs with the people that are best suited for it.

Plan the operation

One of the things that are crucial for successful coordination of the teamwork is planning. If you manage to plan your tasks well enough, there will be less need for communicating in general.

Communicate with your team

Present your goal and strategy to the members of your team even before you start the operation. This is especially important when it comes to long-distance cooperation. Keep communicating regularly during the length of the job as well.

Find the right tools for communication and organization

There are plenty of online organizational tools, and even more of those specifically designed for communication. Some of the most popular include Google spreadsheets and Skype, but even if these don’t work for you, you will be able to find something better suited. And if in any moment you start feeling overwhelmed, you can ask help to an events agency in Milan.

Tricks and extensions to improve Google Chrome user experience

chromeGoogle Chrome is one of the best browsers available for surfing the web, thanks to its speed, simplicity and huge collection of extensions. Most of all we can personalize our Chrome in order to have an extra juice. Let’s have a lookm at the main tricks and extensions we can use to improve our experience with Google’s browser.

Reset Chrome. Chrome added few months ago a function to restore the browser to its original state . Quite useful if you start to have constantly crashes or have been infected by some malware.

Increase the speed of Chrome with “Too Many Tabs” extension. If you tend to open lots of tabs, Chrome can start to slow and crash. This is because Chrome treats each tab as an individual process and maintains all active. With this extension Chrome will handle tabs as Firefox does, giving priority to the active, avoiding an excessive memory consumption.

Save memory. As mentioned above, we know that each tab consumes memory and the more are open more Chrome tends to be slow. There is an extension which is almost a miracle: OneTab. It can save up to 95 % of memory. By pressing the button OneTab in the browser, all the opened collaps into a single. This allows users to visit necessary tabs where relevant, but having them all listed in one “big” tag.

Save directly to Google Drive. If you are a strong Google Drive user, this extension is the one for you. It lets you save any link, document or image directly to your cloud files in Google Drive.

Virtualization, advantages and disadvantages

virtualizationServer virtualization optimizes the physical resources available and facilitate management and use of the server. More in detail, here are the main advantages of virtualization:

  • reduction of physical servers: the same hardware can allow the execution of multiple virtual machines with the advantage of reducing energy consumption, heat generated, risk of hardware failures, number of rack cabinets and space needed to house all the servers
  • server consolidation: it is estimated that, on average, a modern server is used only by 15 %to 20% of its maximum power. It is therefore reasonable that it can house 3 or 4 virtual machines without any performance problem
  • hardware independence: the software, and in particular the operating system, is closely tied to the underlying hardware. So, if for some reason, a server installation must be moved or copied on another machine, you will may need to take into account some hardware compatibility problems. Since virtualization create layers of abstraction in an operating system, there are no problem due to physical hardware.
  • stronger adaptability: virtual server can easily change based on a company’s priorities and needs. Virtualization allows to allocate the virtual hardware resources in a much faster and more flexible way

On the other hand virtualization is not problem-free. Here are main troubles:

  • overhead: each virtualization decrease the overall performance of the physical server, such as time of disk access, memory access and so on. Some critical applications may be affected by the environment of the overhead introduced by virtualization;
  • not all the hardware may be virtualizzabile, depending on the product used. Most trouble can be found on serial and parallel ports, USB devices, Bluetooth interfaces, graphics hardware acceleration and so on .

What is Time Machine, how to backup data and how to recover them

Time-MachineOne of the features that distinguishes OSx from other operative system is the presence of a superb system backup, easy and pleasant to use. Let’s see how this works in detail and how to use it.

First of all: what is a backup? A backup is a way to save your precious data from unexpected loss. You can feel safe but never say never so a regular backup should always be performed to save against headache in the future.

The sense of backup is giving the option to bring back the system to a previous state.

Time Machine is the easiest way to perform a backup, in just few clicks.

Main advantages of Time Machine on third part software are:

  • Time Machine is natively integrated into the operating system, which means you can enable in few seconds, without installing anything
  • It’s one of the easiest backup software out there, no joke!

The only things required for starting to immediately use Time Machine are an external hard drive large enough to contain all your data and one minute. The hard drive must be connected via USB, Firewire or Thunderbolt to the Mac. After that you can launch the backup software and decide the main options, such as how many backups to do per day and when delete old backups (after a day, a week and so on).

How to recover data from a previous backup? Super-easy. Just connect the hard drive to your new Mac and launch the Time Machine software. Follow the instructions and after a while (depending on how many files you are recovering) you’ll have you data on your new Mac.

VMware Player, the best free virtualization software out there

VMwareVirtual Machines are so far the best way to make experiments on our computer, such as installing new software, without any risk to compromise the main OS. One of the best virtualization software out there is VMware Player, which is free for personal use (for commercial use there is the “Plus” version which costs £ 75.95).

How can we use this software and in which way it can be useful? First of all, we need to download it (it is available both for Windows and Linux). Currently the latest version is 6.0.1. Once the download has been finished and the software has been installed, is possible to launch the program and create a New Virtual Machine.

The system will ask for a media source to proceed with the installation. We can provide a CD, a DVD or an ISO image. In few steps the process is completed and we have at our entire disposal a brand new virtual machine for tests or just to try out new OS (i.e. the latest Ubuntu release or a new Linux distro we never tried before).

During installation the process will ask how many space we want to reserve for the virtual machines. It depends what we need the virtual machine for. If it’s just to try it, do not go over 30Gb, otherwise we can reserve more space.

VMware Player behaves like a physical pc, then we can proceed with software installation, surfing the internet and so on. Please be aware that, as it’s a virtual OS, it can be a bit more limited than real OS, so probably more heavier operations won’t perform so good than they would do on a real PC.

How to Install latest Ubuntu version

UBUNTUBefore you can proceed with a brand new installation of Ubuntu, which is 13.10, you must perform 3 steps:

  1. download the ISO image of Ubuntu
  2. burn the ISO image into a CD / DVD or into a USB flash drive
  3. configure the BIOS of your PC to boot from the CD / DVD or from the USB flash drive, depending on what you chosen during the previous step.

Once you have configured the BIOS to boot from the media of your choice, you can restart the computer. After a while, the Ubuntu boot loader GRUB appear. Here are basically two ways to go: live or installation. The first one allow you to try the Linux OS without install it. This is the recommended option if you never tried Ubuntu beforeto. The second option is to directly install the OS on your PC.

Supposing you want to install Ubuntu, steps to successfully proceed with the installation are quite easy and well explained on the installation windows.

You should choose your country and your favourite language, set up an internet connection (it is recommended but not compulsory to go through) and, most important, you should set up an admin password.

During installation Ubuntu asks you to download additional software, such as third party software. It is not compulsory, but it can increase your user experience with the Linux operative system.

One of the hardest part is disk partitioning. That means how much space you would like to reserve for Ubuntu. Here you can wipe the original OS (usually Windows), install Ubuntu alongside Microsoft OS or partition the disk manually. If you are not an expert, avoid the third option and let Ubuntu do all the job.

When all the steps are done, installation will finish within minutes and you can start to enjoy your new OS.

How to install non-store application in Windows 8

windowsWindows 8, the new operative system by Microsoft, has completely revolutionized the Windows world. The Eight is totally different from its predecessors: quicker, easier and beautiful. The tiles interface, even if a first glance can seem tricky, is very simple and funny.

It looks clear that Microsoft developed Windows 8 with tablet and smartphone in mind, with the goal to give a complete environment where to move into.

One of the biggest difference between Win8 and its predecessors is the Store. Microsoft developed a Windows Store which contain all the apps users can install on their PC. By default, Windows 8 allow to install only applications downloaded from the Windows Store. These applications are known as “authorized” and have gone through a review process by Microsoft team which gives its approval. That means they are safe to be installed. Should you need an app which is not in the store (be cautious!) you can follow those steps:

  • search for “Run” from the start screen
  • on the window type in “gpedit.msc”, then click OK
  • go on Local Group Policy Editor and, from the main screen, go on “Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Component -> App Package Deployment”
  • enable “Allow all trusted apps to install”

That allow to install non-store apps. Two more things to check:

  • the developer must have cryptographically signed the app
  • your PC must have accepted that certificate

If both criteria are met, you can use Windows PowerShell to run this command:

add-appxpackage C:\apptoinstall.appx –DependencyPath C:\dependency.appx

apptoinstall.appx is the app to install, dependency.appx is the dependency of the app, which is included within the app itself.


3 free alternatives to Whatsapp

WhatsAppWhatsApp may be king but does not mean it is the only alternative to chat with friends using mobile. The company has been bought some weeks ago by Facebook for the sum of 19 billion dollars. Mark Zuckerberg acquired the undisputed leader of mobile messaging with over 50 billion messages a day. If you do not like Facebook and its services, then you can start to look for alternatives, such as those presented in this post.

Line, a pretty serious contender in the battle of mobile messaging. Last year more than 300 million users used it. Line has other functions besides social messaging, such as a Facebook style “wall” and several games like Pokopang and Bubble.

BlackBerry Messenger. Eve if ex-RIM has almost lost the battle of smartphone, the canadian company still today offer some good products like BlackBerry Messenger. Before Android and iOS, BlackBerry was leader of smartphone market and one of the reasons for that has always been the instant messaging service, focused on privacy and security. Trying not to lose too much market share, BlackBerry (this is the new name of RIM) developed an Android and an iOs of its IM.

Telegram. This free app has an impressive growth especially in spanish-speaking countries: 70,000 new daily users in Latin America and 150,000 in Spain. Most of the code of this application is open, it put enough emphasis on encrypting communications, works perfectly and has a very simple interface. Other than that, Telegram developed a full API service for developer. The app is free on Android, iOS , Windows Phone , Windows , Linux , Mac , Chrome and any other browser.